Solved: Can't change WordPress site title, won't save

Had an interesting issue on a client WordPress site today. When trying to change the site title from Settings -> General after hitting the Save button the title changed back to what it was, didn't save my newly inserted title.

So looking around and investigating this oddity, finally I concluded that WPML was quilty. It has a strings translation module that hadn't been updated (WPML states they know this error and have fixed it in later versions - versions that require updates that my client and maybe you too, don't want to pay for again).

Here is a workaround to changing the blog title:

1. Go to WPML -> String Translation and delete the Blog Title/Tagline string from the table.
2. Go to Plugins -> Installed Plugins and deactivate the String Translation plugin.
3. Go to Settings -> General, change the Blog Title/Tagline and save.
4. Go to Plugins -> Installed Plugins and activate the String Translation plugin again.
5. Go to WPML -> String Translation and translate the new Blog Title/Tagline.

Basically turn the strings translation off, delete the string, change the name, turn off again.

It is a bit annoying but you will get your blog title changed.


See WPML-s official explanation here ->


Ps, if this doesn't work for you, make sure your blog title isn't set via your wp-config.php (WordPress configuration file) rather than via database. You can access that file via FTP.


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