Solved: error Strict Standards: Declaration of VirtueMartControllerVirtuemart::display() should...

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So today a Joomla VirtueMart site was throwing me a lot of errors including:

Strict Standards: Declaration of VirtueMartControllerVirtuemart::display() should be compatible with JController::display($cachable = false, $urlparams = false) in/home/public_html/ on line 31

Strict Standards: Declaration of VirtueMartModelMedia::store() should be compatible with VmModel::store(&$data) in/home/public_html/ on line 435

Strict Standards: Declaration of JParameter::loadSetupFile() should be compatible with JRegistry::loadSetupFile() in/home/public_html/ on line 512 


I googled for it but not much came up as an answer. What to do now? Here's what worked for me (running Joomla 2.5)

Get rid of strict standards error

1. Log in to Joomla admin

2. Site -> Settings -> Server

3. Set Error reporting to None

Save & refresh

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