Order total & order number to thankyou page VirtueMart 1.1.x

Need to add order total sum (order_total) and order number (order_id) and maybe some random text for the customer to the thank you page? 

Here you go. 

1. Open \components\com_virtuemart\themes\default\templates\pages\checkout.thankyou.tpl.php

2. Find a good place, maybe at the bottom of the page (or where you want the order total and id to be displayed) and paste this code. 

<?php //lets show some more good stuff to the customer


echo '<br />'; 

echo 'Order number: <strong>'.$db->f('order_id').'</strong><br />

Order total: <strong>'.$CURRENCY_DISPLAY->getFullValue( $db->f('order_total')).'</strong>';




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