Solved: Import Google contacts to Windows Phone

windows-phoneI recently got a new Windows Phone (Samsung) and had a happy face while browsing around in it (just love the tiled interface). But when coming to sync Google Contacts from my Gmail account to appear under my People button on my Windows phone, the phone announces that it needs attention. From the error I read that my Google Apps account doesn't support this type of sync, what the tits, I didn't even know I had a Google Apps account. 

So no more than a few hours later I came to this solution how to import my Gmail contacts to my Windows Phone and live happily ever after. Its just export from Google and import to Windows Live, if you know how to do it, leave now and waste no more of your precious time.

If you're more curious, how to import Google contacts to Windows phone the way I did it, here are the steps: 

1. Go to Gmail
2. Click on Gmail on the left upper side of the window, select Contacts
3. Click More and select Export from the menu
4. Select Outlook CSV format and click Export, download and save the contacts.csv file 
5. Go to Hotmail / and sign in with the same Windows Live ID that you set up your Windows phone with.
6. Click on the arrow next to logo in upper left corner and select People
7. Scroll down and at the bottom of the page find Import contacts and click Start import
8. Click Other from the import selection options
9. Using the Browse button select the contacts.csv file you downloaded from Gmail and click Upload
10. You will see all the contacts that will be imported. Click Import to import.
11. Once all the contacts are in your Windows Live contacts list they will be synced to your phone. This can take a few minutes depending on the amount of contacts you have. 


It is not an ongoing sync, its just a one-time import. Solved the problem for me.

If you need, here's how to manage sync frequency on your phone.

Big boys Microsoft and Google need to fight and Google just had to end providing their sync engine which managed the contact sync really well up until the end of 2013. I will later see and discover how their offered CardDAV works. 

Until then - hope your day got saved.


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