Magento Free Shipping When Ordering X Or More Products

Would you like to offer free shipping to your customers when they order X or more products? Here is how you can simply set that up with no programming using Shopping Cart Price Rules. 

1. Log in to Magento admin
2. Go to Promotions -> Shopping Cart Price Rules
3. Click Add new rule
4. In rule info fill in the name etc and select the website and customer group this rupe applies to
5. In conditions click on the "is" word and select "equals or greater than"
6. On the following number after the "equals or greater than" enter the number of products you want to be ordered th get free shipping
7. Select Conditions from the left menu and in Free shipping slot select "Applicable products"
8. Save rule and test. 

Thats how easily you can enable free shipping in Magento when ordering X or more products. This rule will count product quantity regardless of whether they are the same products or different products. Quantity (pieces ordered) is what gets counted.

Don't you just love Magento's possibilites :) 

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