Change Tier Price Save Percent Round Logic in Magento

My client needed the tier pricing "buy 1 and save 20%" message to display the savings percentage correctly. By default Magento rounds it up to the next full number, but my customer needed it to be rounded correctly, ie 20,4 => 20 and 20,5 => 21 percent. This is how I corrected the save percent message in Magento tier pricing:

Open \app\code\core\Mage\Catalog\Block\Product\Price.php  row 91


{code brush="php"}

$price['savePercent'] = ceil(100 - (( 100/$productPrice ) * $price['price'] ));



{code brush="php"}

$price['savePercent'] = round(100 - (( 100/$productPrice ) * $price['price'] ));



Save & refresh. 

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