Change grid view products per row in Magento

Editing Magento grid view items per row isn't just like changing td-s in a table. The items are laid out as li-s and not a table. The parameter is taken from somewhere, but where, I haven't been able to find. 

So, I needed to have 3 items per row in grid view instead of 4. Here's how to change in grid view the number of products per row (tested in

  1. Open \app\design\frontend\default\your_theme\template\catalog\product\list.phtml
  2. Find (near line 89) "$_columnCount = $this->getColumnCount();"
  3. Replace it with "$_columnCount = 3 ; //$this->getColumnCount();" like:
  4. The number value of $_columnCount represents the number of items per row in product grid view that you want to have. Replace it with what number you want.
  5. Save and refresh page.


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