Edit Feed Module Style in Joomla

Joomla feed module has its CSS classes coded into the module. The class on the module links is "feed-link" and feed link titles are presented as h4 and h5 and feed items are listed in an unordered list (ul/li). 

The code that displays your mod_feed in a newsfeed module on your site comes from modules\mod_feed\tmpl\default.php. The unordered list of your RSS display module's links is generated between rows 61 to 124.

Find in the code {code}<h4 class="feed-link">some php here</h4>{/code} Replace h4 with what you want to be the looks of your links in the module (I use p for example on Joomlaboy.com). Then you can also apply a class to those links to allow your RSS module links to be having your own CSS classes.

Hope this helps someone.

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