Automatically tweet new Joomla articles with Newcontent Tweeter

There is a really cool component available for both Joomla! 1.5 and 1.6/1.7. It is called Newcontent Tweeter and you can download it from Tomasz Dobrynski's site . To set it up just:


  1. Download and install the component Newcontent Tweeter from
  2. Go to Components-> Newcontent Tweeter -> System Configuration
  3. Select Categories in which you wish the new articles to be submitted to Twitter.
  4. Select whether to attach the link to the Tweet (and if to shorten it)
  5. If you need to use hashtags, set them in the hashtags and specify where they appear
  6. Set up your Twitter authentication. Just click on the button under the fat bird, get teh code from Twitter and type it ijn your Newcontent Tweeter setup screen.

Now you are ready to write a new article and it will be automatically added to your Twitter as status update.


A video of configuration of NewContent Tweeter



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