AVG Firewall profile changes back to Directly connected to the Internet

If you are using AVG Internet Security with firewall enabled, you probably have dealt with a problem when switching locations (with your laptop). You set the firewall to use the profile "small home or office network" where your settings and application rules are set up, but every once in a while you discover you can't access your network shares or printers again and as a reason for that, you'll see that your AVG firewall has started using the "Directly connected to the Internet" profile again. 

Here's how to set the default profile for your network in AVG Internet Security's firewall settings, so the profile assigned to your network won't turn back to "Directly connected to the Internet" anymore.

  1. Run AVG user interface as admin user
  2. In the menu go Tools -> Firewall settings
  3. Select Areas and adapter profiles, scroll down and locate your network name
  4. In the column "Assigned profile" click on the network row to assign a default profile for your network (see image below).
  5. Click Apply and OK.


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