Tip: Turn off AutoCorrect in Edge / Windows 10

windows 10 autocorrect edge off

I was surprised to see that when I typed a word in Estonian "kindel" it got autocorrected to "kindle" in Facebook chat where I'd logged in from Edge browser and using Windows 10.

That's pretty annoying! So a little bit of research and turns out there is no autocorrect setting in Edge browser itsself but only the whole Windows 10 needs to be adjusted to get rid of this.


Here's how to turn off autocorrect in Windows 10 which also affects Edge browser.

1. Hit Win+I (<-that's a capital i, not a small L) or type Settings in searchbox to find and open Settings

2. Select "Typing" from left hand menu

3. Toggle switches "Autocorrect misspelled words" and "Highlight misspelled words" both off


To make the changes immediate, restart your computer. I noticed even when I switched the switches off, the autocorrect still functioned a while, stopped in about 5 minutes.

That's how you disable autocorrect in Windows 10 and Edge browser. Enjoy!

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