SOLVED: .NET 4.0 stuck - hangs installing Client Profile

A client had a really annoying issue when installing PDF Creator - the free PDF solution. Turns out that PDF Creator requires .NET 4.0 Client Framework to run. And prior to installing the actual PDF Creator software the .NET 4.0 installer executes. 

To make things annoying, the installer gets stuck at Installing .NET Framework Client Profile at 0% and nothing happens. No changes in the task manager memory or CPU usage for the installer process either. 

How did I solve the issue? Microsoft's websites didn't have the answer btw. Also, I didn't have to rename the SoftwareDistribution folder in c:\Windows. 

What I did to resolve .NET 4.0 installer stuck at Installing Client Profile? 

1. Turn off Windows Updates automatic install



2. Turn off Windows update service

3. Restart PC and proceed to installing .NET 4.0



After successfully installing .NET 4.0 after these edits, turn Windows Update back on. 

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