Solved: No Audio Playback Lenovo Yoga Videos (.avi, .mp4) Windows 8.1

I recently got a new laptop, a fine piece of art actually, rather than a laptop, a Lenovo Yoga. It came with Windows 8 from the shop so I went and updated Windows 8 to Windows 8.1. After the update when playing videos, .avi and .mp4 from my phone, there is no audio. I installed K-Lite Codec Pack to be sure I have all the codecs, but no help from there. 

Here's how I solved no audio in Lenovo Yoga Windows 8.1 video playback:

1. Click on system tray sound icon
2. Select "Playback devices"

Now a message appeared, saying there is a problem with audio enhancements and asked whether I would like to Disable driver enhancements for the device. 


3. I clicked "Yes", then clicked "OK" on the following screen.

Voila! Playing a video with sound again (went for a Formula 3 car driving experience and sounds were much needed for me) :)

Hope this helps!

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