Solved: -Toner life end- on Brother MFC-7320

mfc7320 brother toner life endAfter replacing a toner on a client's Brother MFC-7320 printer, they still had an error message saying "Toner life end" although the toner inserted was brand new. OK, it was a noname toner (not Brother's original) but still, new. 

How to get rid of the "Toner life end" message on Brother MFC-7320 and get the printer working? You can even do this when you actually run to the end of a toner cartridge and keep on printing. People report that this method gets them more out of their toner cartridges. 

Removing "Toner life end" on Brother MFC-7320:

1. Open the printer cover where you insert the toner

2. The display says "cover open", click Clear

3. Click * on the numpad nad then 00. The display says now Accept and Close cover. 

4. Close the cover and enjoy printing.

And to reset the drum count, just do as follows:

1. Open cover

2. Click "Clear"

3. Select "Replace drum" 

4. OK and close cover

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