Google AdWords 75£/40€/75€ coupon

google-adwordsIn various areas Google AdWords is running a campaign to get more people to try Google AdWords. In Europe there is a campaign for new users to get 75£/40€/75€ credits for free after a small amount on the new account has been spent. It can't be Googled so I thought I'd be of help and share the links. 

Insert your e-mail to get the coupon etc, all written there.


So - here is the list of the Google AdWords free spend money coupons - enjoy!

United Kingdom 75£

Estonia 40€

Finland 75€

Sweden 750SEK

Norway 750NOK

Latvia 40€

Lithuania 150LT

Poland 200ZL

Germany 75€

Russia 1000RUB

Italy 75€

Spain 75€

France 75€

Greece 75€

Romania 200RON


To see if in your country you have this campaign, just enter and see if there is a page under it. 

Hope this helps. 

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