Why Facebook's "Boost Post" is bad for them

When Facebook ultimately built the possibility to engage users in a company/brand/person "page" by sharing valuable (or not so) info on the relevant Facebook wall, it hit the spot. After Facebook has gone public, it's gone greedy and of course, stockholders are interested in making money. 

The ugly situation: I have Facebook fans on my page:

  1. I have worked to get these fans. 
  2. I have paid Facebook for advertising to get these fans. 
  3. These fans have selected my page as worth following. 

Now when I share something on my page, only an estimated 20% of these fans get my shared info on their wall, the rest 80% don't even have a hint that I shared something they felt worth following. Facebook, why?

Facebook boost post feature

This is the situation. Facebook has gone greedy and is taking money where it shouldn't, making it non-friendly and people seeking for alternatives.

Alternatives: Google+ - doesn't take money for posting to your followers. 

I am really going to give more attention to growing my Google+ circles now. 

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