Microsoft, you copycat! :)

Just realised, my Joomlaboy avatar-logo resembles a lot to Microsoft's new Windows 8 inspired logo.

As I am sure, not a single person at Microsoft's really knew when designing their new logo, anything about Joomlaboy, I am still feeling good about having the same taste as the giant's top-paid designers.



Joomlaboy's logo

Joomlaboy logo avatar , Joomlaboy logo

Created: 31. December 2011

New Microsoft logo


Created: 23. August 2012

Simplicity above all.

To sum things up the least Microsoft can do is hire me since I'm half a year ahead. Will they?

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Iinstructor of robotics (LEGO Mindstorms), computer teacher, IT support, web dev, currently studying cyber-physical systems engineering.

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