Where To Buy Helsinki-Stockholm-Tallinn Ferry Tickets?

Recently I have had a chance to see in action a great ferry ticket booking service. They check ticket availability in real time from all operators' booking database at once. 

Should you ever be in Northern Europe, say Sweden, Finland or Estonia in your travels, where would be the best place to buy ferry tickets on the Baltic Sea, on the ferries between Helsinki, Stockholm and Tallinn? The correct answer is the unified ferry ticket booking spot Laevapiletid.ee

Laevapiletid.ee is a unified booking platform to get ferry tickets for all operators between Tallinn-Helsinki, Helsinki-Stockholm and Stockholm-Tallinn.

You can get a brief overview of the timetables on their sites. 
Helskinki to Tallinn
Tallinn to Helsinki
Helsinki to Stockholm
Stockholm to Helsinki
Tallinn to Stockholm
Stockholm to Tallinn

You select the desired travel options and you get the overview of all ferry tickets from all operators on your selected route - easily select the cheapest or most suitable ticket for you.

Laevapiletid.ee also offers ticket booking apps for iOs and Android. Download these apps from below:
Ferry tickets Helsinki-Tallinn-Stockholm Android app
Ferry tickets Helsinki-Tallinn-Stockholm iOs app

Ferry tickets are available for all operators on these routes, including:
Eckerö Line
Viking Line
Linda Line
Silja Line

This post hopefully answered your question where to buy ferry tickets on the route Helsinki-Tallinn-Stockholm.


Source: h2ppiboi's weblog

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