Mod_feed simplepie permission denied

Using mod_feed to display a news feed on your Joomla site and getting an error on your page saying:

your_home_path/public_html/cache/3ee75bbdaae1c03144fb3b991e5b8c28.spc is not writeable in your_home_path/public_html/libraries/simplepie/simplepie.php on line 1779

Warning: file_put_contents(your_home_path/public_html/cache/3ee75bbdaae1c03144fb3b991e5b8c28.spc) [function.file-put-contents]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in your_home_path/public_html/libraries/simplepie/simplepie.php on line 8666

This can occur if you moved your site between servers and cache files become somewhat erroneous regarding their permissions. 

How to solve the permissions problem?

  1. Clean the cache folder. Delete everything in /public_html/cache and let the site (mod_feed) re-create its cache files.

You should be good after that. 


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